Carnival Depot is your one stop shop for carnival toys, prizes and wholesale supplies. Shop for all your prizes by price and by category. Our collection of prizes are separated in categories into the foremost common price ranges. Each category is based on an average price point only.

Choosing prizes will focus on what can be useful for your occasion.  You selection should be based on what you charge for a game, the attraction itself and the redemption level. Your prize selection should include stuffed animals, toys, inflates as well as bulk assortments. You may want to purchase a few more items. This is a great idea since the extra prizes will ensure that you don’t run out of prizes.   Check out our Carnival Planner for ideas.

Kids will have a blast picking their favorites from these treasured rewards. Take a gander around this site for everything needed to throw an outstanding carnival party, from plush prizes to inflatable toys and so much more. Make your next event or party a Carnival Theme.

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